Health & Safety Policies

Health and Safety Policy

Lake Wanaka Cruises is committed to providing and maintaining as far as is reasonably practicable an environment and system of work that is safe and without undue risk to employees and others. Our expectation is that all people at all levels in our business are committed to achieving the highest standards of workplace safety.

We will strive to protect people from harm through the effective implementation of this policy.

Our aim is to:
1) Provide leadership that is competent, capable, and accountable
2) Comply with all relevant legislation, regulations, standards and codes of practice
3) Prevent injuries by encouraging a reporting culture that investigates and learns from workplace accidents and incidents
4) Rehabilitate employees in a fair and timely manner to manage an early return to work after a work-related injury or illness
5) Set targets that are ‘SMART’ to ensure the continual improvement of our practices, procedures and performance
6) Consult with stakeholders to encourage participation in all matters of workplace safety management
7) Plan and review our health and safety objectives
8) Inform all employees, visitors and contractors about emergency readiness procedures and all health and safety issues relevant to their workspace
9) Mitigate risks through the systematic identification and effective management and control of workplace hazards and risks
10) Manage contractors through a qualification, monitoring and post contract evaluation process
11) Train and supervise employees in the safe use of the equipment and substances they are required to operate or use
12) Support initiatives to improve the health and well being of all our employees.